We all have heard of Chiropractic, but most people do not know that much about them. Often hearing, “Chiropractors are quacks.” Or that “Chiropractors just pop your back, and I can just do that at home.”

While these are common, they just aren’t true. So here is a list of 3 things that you might not know about chiropractic. I’m not a chiropractor, but I know how helpful they can be.


1.     Chiropractors go through just as much schooling as Medical Doctors.

Sounds a bit too hard to believe, right? Hardly, Medical school takes four years to go through, and so does Chiropractic College. They also have very similar curriculums. In fact, the only part of the rather standard medical program that chiropractors don’t take is pharmaceuticals. Which gives Chiropractors more time to train and learn X-ray tech and Bio-Mechanics.

2.    Chiropractors can diagnose illnesses.

The only Health care professionals that can diagnose problems that you have are Medical Doctors and Chiropractors.  Late in 2016 Texas courts upheld the rights of chiropractors to give diagnosis for their clients.

Another point about this which perplexes me. If any other type of health care professional (registered nurse practitioner, massage therapist, physical therapist, basically anybody except Chiropractors and Medical Doctors) says something to the effect of, “You have X.” and it was not diagnosed by a Chiropractor or MD. That is practicing medicine without a license and you can sue them for that. Now I’m not suggesting that you should go around looking for people to sue, but you could. If you like spending months in court instead of living your life.


3.     Chiropractors don’t treat pain.

Now this is a little confusing. Inherently we all know there is a reason for the pain. Just like if your dog threw up on the floor, you would ask your partner, “What did you feed the dog?” Likewise, the reason for the pain is the problem; not the pain itself. So if one were to remove the problem the pain would naturally go away. Whether it is a whiplash injury from a rear end car accident years ago or a bad fall from a melted ice cube that you didn’t see, those are the problems that chiropractors fix. Not the symptom of pain that you are feeling

Bonus: Chiropractors don’t believe that there is No Need for Medical Doctors.

I have never met a chiropractor that did not agree that, if you have a bone sticking out of your leg, if you are having a heart attack, or if you are having a stroke. Go to the Hospital! There is nothing a chiropractor can do for you right then and going to the chiropractor is not important in that situation. Medical Doctors are better equipped to handle those situations, and if we are completely honest, those situations are rare for an individual person. The true need for medical care is rare, but I have complete faith that a chiropractor will be upfront and honest when it is time to go see the medical doctor.


Chiropractors have spent a big part of their lives becoming doctors, and they want to help you.

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